Copper Ore

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Yes (Multiple)

Blast Resistance


Similar Items

Copper Ingot, Block of Copper


Any, depending on mod

CopperOreCopper ore appears in quite a lot of mods, like Simple Ores and More Ores.

It also appears in famous mod packs such as FTB.


In SurvivalCraft copper appears green, representing copper oxide. When mined it drops 3 Malachite Chunks, which have a lot of uses. To get the actual copper out of it, smelt it, making ingots. They can also be used to dye paint. After smelting, copper ingots can be made into buckets, for carrying fluids and paint, copper wires, that carry electricity, and copper blocks, which are better for building with than storing with. Raw malachites can also be crafted into blocks.

Copper Ore


List of mods that use this

Industrial Craft 2 Thermal Expansion 3 Galacticraft 2 Mekanism Tinker's Construct Esmasher Resource Metallurgy 3 Mariculture Cogs of the Machine Forestry Resonant Induction