Diamond Ore

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Blast Resistance


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Diamond gem, tools, block, armour.



DimesDiamond ore is the second rarest non-modded ore in the game, after Emerald. It is found at level 16 and below. On servers, users have had "fun" with diamonds - by using them in griefing and trolling. There are many interesting ways to find diamonds.

Diamonds have a very close appearance to Lapis Lazuli Ore, and people often get mixed up with the two. This can be very irritating.

In Trolling

  • One of the most common ways to troll with diamonds is to hollow out a cave. The troll will make a dent in the ceiling and place some lava, then bang a block of diamond ore over it. When the block is mined, the lava will squirt through, scalding the player to death.
  • A similar method is to use some advanced redstone work. It may open up a large trapdoor that leads to the void, a pit of lava/fire, or deep water you could drown in.
  • You can also put sand or gravel in so that when they mine it when they're directly underneath it, the blocks will crush them. Or maybe a bunch of anvils.
  • You can put a sign over a chest saying FREE DIAMONDS!, and then enter the chest and use dirt to write the word FAIL. When the guy comes along and looks in the chest, quickly surround him with diamond ore blocks and empty lava buckets on top of all of the diamond blocks. Why is it a FAIL, then? It's not. It fries him. You also get any more diamonds from his inventory.
  • You can also drop a diamond somewhere. Put TNT in the ceiling. When the unsuspecting player comes along and takes the diamond, blow him up by walling him in with the TNT. (It falls when lit.) However you must quickly respawn, or you will be caught in the explosion.
  • Put a stone pressure plate next to an exposed diamond ore vein, wiring it to dispensers that spray arrows out.

In SurvivalCraft

In SurvivalCraft, diamond ore takes the appearance of dark blue gems embedded in basalt rock. When mined with a diamond edge or iron pickaxe it will drop 2 Diamomds.

Diamonds in the ceiling