Redstone Ore

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Blast Resistance


Similar Items

Redstone Dust, torch, lamp, repeater, wire, and anything crafted using Redstone Dust



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RedstoneRedstone ore is an ore that is extremely common near bedrock layers. It is the most technologically advanced ore in the game. New players may mistake redstone for Ruby Ore, an uniplemented ore which was the previous image for Emerald Ore. Redstone can be used for wiring and can craft electrical things like Redstone Torches, and can be used as a brewing ingredient, lengthening potions.

Any block or entity updates next to this ore will make it temporarily convert into a technical block called Glowing Redstone Ore. Hence its name, it gives the ore a glowing effect by making it emit some light and some red star-like particles similar to that of Endermen and Nether Portals. This lasts until the next block tick. Glowing Redstone Ore blocks cannot be legitimately obtained and when mined drop Redstone Dust (or an ordinary Redstone Ore block with Silk Touch).

Redstone Ore in Pocket Edition is currently useless due to the fact it drops nothing when mined, however it can be used to light up mineshafts if you have no torches.


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